Cultural active recreation is a personal responsibility of every person

May 25, 2020

We are sure that it was also unpleasant for you to see the news about the barbaric attitude to nature, in particular the Sunday incident at Kok-Zhailau (a mass open-air film screening in Almaty). This event is a clear example of the need for educational activities, especially among young people. This event was not only illegal and unethical, but also had a detrimental impact on the environment.

We hold many different large and medium-sized events in every country in Central Asia at all times of the year. Our activities as a youth organization are aimed not only at improving the knowledge and skills of young people, but also at educating and forming a culture of respect for nature, the importance of environmental education and the need for sustainable development.

In spring and autumn, we organize cultural events for different segments of society – eco-picnics, river days, water days, lectures and seminars attended by hundreds of young people. The holiday season will come very soon: Hiking in the mountains, going to nature for barbecue, trips to national parks and nature reserves.

We encourage you to take care of the environment – don't

·       build fires;

·       turn on loud music;

·       break trees or bushes;

·       dig up the ground or pull up the grass;

·       turn on bright lights or car headlights;

·       leave behind garbage (even organic).

Your actions can scare the birds and animals that live in this place.

Yes, trips to nature are a great way to spend time and have an active healthy holiday, but please do not forget about your responsibility as an individual to society and to nature. Creating a culture of behavior is not only a personal responsibility, but also a collective one. So clean up after yourself and make sure others clean up too.

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