Environmental clean-up on the banks of the Dushanbe River

Oct. 14, 2019


On October 13, 2019 an eco-cleanup was held in honor of cleanliness of the city on the banks of the Dushanbe River, with the initiative of citizens as well as the support of CAY4W. Over 246 adults and children attended in the action. More than 200 bags of garbage (plastic, polyethylene, tires and other waste) were collected on the territory of 1 km.



  • To remove hazardous and pollutant materials from the River side.
  • To habituate the culture of cleanliness in order to protect environment specially water from pollutants.
  • Raise awareness about the importance of clean environment on people’s quality of life by taking practical actions.




Active youth were involved in environmental and water conservation. Mass distribution of the event through the media, where CAY4W network activity. The National Network Coordinator held an informal meeting with young people to inform about the importance of environment protection and water resources, the current state of the aquatic ecosystem, future prospects and development of the network.


CAY4W national coordinator in Tajikistan, Sharif Makhmudov gave an interview on the state television Safina about the past clean-up, the importance of youth education in the field of water resources and the environment, future prospects and changes in attitudes towards environmental protection.