Aug. 17, 2021

One of the initiatives under this umbrella programme is an online course “From Learning to Leading: Beyond the ABC’s on Youth, Water and the SDGs”, in collaboration with Cap-Net and the University of San Andres, who is also a focal point for the UNESCO Education for Sustainability. The course offers an overview of the issues such as water management, climate change, participation from marginalized groups, water integrity and advocacy in the water world from a sustainability perspective targeting specifically to youth. Creating powerful solutions that embody change, challenging youth to rise from inertia to action has never been more needed. That is why this course aims to be an opportunity to gain knowledge and learn about the different tools to make change a reality.


This course was opened for registration on 16 August and will focus on providing strategies and tools for young water leaders to effectively mobilize and advocate for change. Registration closes  on the 22nd September and the course begins on the 01 October


Call for Youth Advocacy Stories

This call for Youth Stories on Advocacy is connected to Module 4 of the online course mentioned above. The fourth module aims to not only give practical tools on communication and advocacy but also share real life stories of initiatives of young people from across the globe that mobilized youth on water and sustainability issues. Sharing these stories gives others who would like to do similar actions, encouragement and allows them to learn about what works and what may not.


Deadline to submit is 17 September.