Global Youth Take Action

July 30, 2020

Current unprecedented global challenge has emphasized the vital importance of integrated and sustainable water management. All over the world, youth have stepped up and mobilized to lend a helping hand to those most in need by proposing inspiring, creative, and innovative ideas. Central Asia is no exception.  More than ever, it felt vital to support young people who are engaged and empowered for achieving water security.

Launched in May 2020, the call for proposal has been designed to identify, encourage, and support youth engagement related to water management and climate change adaptation in the current global pandemic context. More specifically this call for proposals aimed to support initiatives regarding water & health, water & agriculture, water-related risks, and water sharing.

This call for proposals was developed as a global call  with specific targets for Central Asia. Financial support provided by the project is directly supporting the project in Central Asia.

The objective of the call is to support youth initiatives related to water management and climate change adaptation in a context of global pandemic and health emergencies. The call for projects closed on June 7th, and 11 projects were submitted from the region


Access to safe drinking water in Kazakhstan and shared water use in Central Asia

This project aims to analyze and map drinking water quality in Kazakhstan and use the data for advocacy and awareness raising purposes. An online map will be created.