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June 12, 2020

Central Asia Youth for Water network (CAY4W) is a regional network connecting youth in order to engage them into the CA water management issues. The youth of Central Asia (CA) are directly and significantly affected by water issues. Youth are the leaders of tomorrow and the main driving force of progress. That is why our work is directed to enlightenment, engagement and unification of young people in aspiration to progress.

We see the resolution of existing and emerging crises in involving young people in the decision making process and later in strengthening regional water cooperation and diplomacy to ensure sustainable peace through joint efforts. Our vision lies in the creation of platform for networking, where young people of any academic background and specialization can gain the expert knowledge on water resource, along with the opportunities to get acquainted with challenges of water sector and bring a fresh view to its solution.

CAY4W network is relying on one regional coordinator, based in Almaty (KZ), and on one national coordinator (NC) per country in CA and Afghanistan. Regional Coordinator and 6 National Coordinators make up the main team of CAY4W network.


Taking on the position of NC you will:

  • become the volunteer representative of your country;
  • speak on behalf of your country’s youth;
  • work on projects that address issues related to your country;
  • have the opportunity to share views and perspective on local and regional challenges.


We are looking for young active professionals in Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan who will work on making CA a better place.


Position of the NC is part-time and includes a voluntary stipend.


The candidate must reside in one of the aforementioned states, possess wide knowledge of Central Asian context, have educational and/or professional experience in the water or water-related sector, participated to and/or organized youth-led, youth related events & activities.


Responsibilities of the NC (non-exhaustive):

  • Organization of national events with regard to water, water-related thematics, with the involvement of members of the youth network; providing financial and creative reports after the end of the event;
  • Preparation of an announcement of upcoming and carried out activities to be published on the website and social media pages;
  • Progress report on the youth network activities at the national level on the quarterly basis;
  • Preparation of the annual action plan for the development of the youth network with an indication of approximate dates for events, publication of materials, etc.;
  • Analytical review of information on water resources (events, news bulletins, reporting materials) at the national level, in order to raise the awareness of members and followers of the youth network website (social media pages) - 1 time in 2 weeks;
  • Monthly Skype Calls with the regional coordinator to discuss key activities;
  • Monthly Skype Calls with the regional and all national coordinators to discuss general performance of the network, current activities, etc.;
  • Attracting new members to the network at the national level, growing the national network;
  • Expanding the responsible team of national chapter of the network according to a newly confirmed structure for each country;
  • Support the regional coordinator in performances at the international events; if necessary, participate in international, regional and national events as well.


Requirements to applicants:

  • Age between 18 to 35 years old;
  • Be a citizen or a permanent resident of the respective country an applicant wishes to represent;
  • Proficiency in Russian ​and​ English languages;
  • Have educational and / or professional experience in the water or a water-related sector;
  • Be an effective “Change Agent”, engaged to support global campaigns (i.e. 2030 Agenda), local action, mobilising & influencing local communities, volunteering, advocating for water sustainability;
  • Have evidenced interest ​and experience in youth-led, youth related events & activities;
  • Have experience with public speaking / good communication skills;
  • A strong commitment to CAY4W vision, mission and willingness to help growing / developing the network on both national and regional levels.


The applications for the position will open on 26 June and close on August 31.


Application process:

  • The most recent CV (not more than 3 pages)
  • 1 short motivational video-message (up to 3 minutes)

*The video shall serve as a good chance to inspire the members of national chapters to vote for representative of their country.


Possible questions to be addressed by applicants in their video-message:

1.    Which topics are you most passionate about, when looking at the water sector, and why?

2.    What are the main problems for young water specialists in your country? Shortly share with us your own vision of solving them.

3.    What is the first thing you would do as a national coordinator of CAY4W Network in your country?


How to send the video?

The video-message must be uploaded to your YouTube channel and the link provided to us with your application.


The completed application must be sent to the following email address [email protected]. In the subject line, specify "National Coordinator. Country. Full Name".


Selection procedure:

    1. Submission of applications from candidates;
    2. Introduction of candidates to members of the network via CAY4W official social media accounts;
    3. Voting for NC candidates – members of CAY4W network registered before June 12, 2020;
    4. Results confirmation and announcement;
    5. Entry of new National Coordinators upon duty.


Questions and Answers



Online voting rules:


Only members of the network -- who completed the registration on the network’s website before beginning of the online election process -- are allowed to vote.


NB All existing national coordinators have the right to submit their applications and take part in the elections, i.e. to be re-elected only once for a maximum of two consecutive terms. It is important to note that one term lasts for one year