Event for Afghanistan students and postgraduates "Water Issues of Herat"

Oct. 27, 2017

In the framework of project CAYFWater; in cooperation with Jami University, Ministry of Energy and Water and Hari Rod Morghab River Basin organization the awareness raising event on “Water Issues of Herat, Afghanistan” was held for undergraduate, graduate students and basin employees on 27 October 2017.
At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Daud Hamidi, the coordinator for the project of CAYFWater talked on water management and importance of youth participation in water management affairs then he made an introduction to the project (CAYFWater) and its aims. Afterwards, Sayed Abdul Baset Rahmani, talked on basin planning and importance of Dams as part of water management cycle. Mr. Saed Khaze from Hari Rod Morghab River Basin, talked on water issues of Herat including scarcity and water quality. Mr. Faiz Ahamad Mohammadi talked on irrigation system in Herat and importance of Pashdan Dam in irrigation of downstream areas. Finally, Mr. Mohsen Amiri talked on technical properties of the Pashdan Dam of Herat in details.
All the participants had the opportunity to visit the Dam site, Mr. Mohsen Amiri gave all the details and answer to young specialist question during the site visit.