E-learning courses on climate-smart agriculture

Feb. 14, 2020


Water, agriculture, climate change and disaster risk reduction are indeed closely intertwined. Climate change affects our societies mainly through water as it is an irreplaceable source of life. Additionally to that, irrational use of water resources, pollution and glacier melt result in scarcity of resources and lead to decrease in food production.

Here come a range of interesting e-learning courses on Climate Smart Agriculture developed jointly by the FAO, the World Bank and the Italian Ministry of Environment.


The courses are delivered in English, Italian and French.


You can study the brochures on every course below via the following link:

  • Introduction to climate-smart agriculture;
  • Climate-smart crop production;
  • Climate-smart livestock production;
  • Water management for climate-smart agriculture;
  • Climate-smart soil and land management.



You can also enjoy the brief introduction to Climate Smart Agriculture from this video.


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