"IWRM" National Student Olympiad in Kazakhstan

May 5, 2019

On May 2, 2019, the 1st stage of the National Student Olympiad on "Integrated Water Resources Management" (IWRM) was successfully held at the Kazakh-German University (KGU) in Almaty. The event was attended by 20 students of higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan, majoring in areas similar to the theme of the Olympiad. Also there were representatives of the national office of the German academic exchange service (DAAD), the Swiss Agency for development and cooperation (SDC), as well as national water experts. The total number of participants accounted for 32 people.

The annual IWRM Olympiad is held in 2 stages:

The 1st stage-the National Olympiad, is run in the partner universities of KGU, separately in each country of Central Asia and Afghanistan;

The 2nd stage is held by representatives of KNU at the Regional level, among the winners of National Student Olympiads.


The Olympiad was held under the auspices of the "Central Asia Youth for Water" ("CAY4W") network, with the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. This year Global Water Partnership (GWP) provided help in update of the database of contest questions, which is now based on the GWP Toolbox.


Purpose Of The Olympiad:

The main goal is to provide an opportunity for students to learn a tool that is used all over the world. It is expected that the Olympiad will be a way to develop a dialogue between future specialists about the world practice and aspects of IWRM.

And also, creating conditions for our young professionals to communicate and discuss in a professional language. It will be based on knowledge of the basic principles of international and national water law and theoretical foundations of IWRM.

According to the concept of the Olympiad, DAAD provided the updated tests for participants. According to the results of testing and oral interview with the national members of the scientific and organizational Committee of the Olympiad, the following participants were declared winners of the national Olympiad.

1st place-Bahig Fazolrahman,

2nd place - Akberdiuly Ramazan

3rd place - Tilekeev Temirlan.


Awarding the winners of the Olympiad:

In addition to certificates, all winners of the national round of the Olympiad got the opportunity to participate in the two-week summer school of KGU, which will be held on the Aral Sea in August 2019.