2018 project competition! Trial ECO-projects of business incubators! Kazakhstan!

Oct. 10, 2018

Purpose: The ECO-Talk project is aimed at promoting innovation and business models in the field of ecology, supporting the development of modern simple and complex skills through advanced communication and learning methods.

Format: The project was created as a pilot in the Kazakh-German University, complementing the activities of existing networks in Kazakhstan. A number of projects/proposals in the field of ecology and environment will be selected by the universities of Kazakhstan, and for their development large-scale events will be organized. Encouraging young eco-entrepreneurs and eco-innovators through more active participation in the implementation of their project, the business incubator will provide tools and support for the sustainable implementation of their activities.

Project Activities: teams whose projects are selected will receive a grant of $ 500 to continue the development of their project. A mentoring program will be established to support the team of students in the preparation and implementation of the project. The team will use a combination of virtual discussions and live meetings for the implementation of a pilot project. Transportation costs for the implementation of live meetings will be covered by the organizers. To guide a group of students will be mentors from the sphere of the environment, economics, and business.

Selection process

Content: The themes of Eco-Talk projects are not exhaustive, they relate to different areas of the environment, that is, to sensible farming, including urban activities, water supply and sanitation, green infrastructure, climate mitigation, renewable energy sources, sustainable cities, etc. The essence of the project can consist of innovative infrastructure, technology, business model, etc.

Eligibility criteria:

- Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. students can take part;

- The project team can include from one to three people.

- Each team can include participants from different faculties (for example, ecology, engineering, economics, IT); preference will be given to projects developed in such interdisciplinary groups;

- When submitting an application for participation in the competition, it should be borne in mind that the project implementation period is very short - four months. In this regard, we are grateful if a new project is proposed; goals and results must be realistic. If your project is already in progress, the proposal should describe the expectations from the program.

- The goals and results of the project should be relevant for Kazakhstan's long-term goals in the field of ecology. Also, the purpose of the project development, which falls into one of the following categories, should be indicated:

• Development of a business model: the idea of the project is aimed at making a profit. Serving the development goal in accordance with the long-term strategy of Kazakhstan in the field of ecology, the project is aimed at developing a model that will allow the enterprise to be financially sustainable, to receive benefits and create more opportunities for employment.

• Development of social entrepreneurship: The project offers an environmental solution that has a social impact. Although this requires financial sustainability, the main goal is still not gaining profit. The enterprise is based on a positive social or environmental impact.

• Effective innovation: the project's goal is to develop modern technology that will contribute to the modernization of the environmental sector as a whole at the local or higher level.

- The project should be attractive for investors (compliance with any activities of the sponsoring organization) in order to ensure its further development.

Requirements for applications:

- Font «Times New Roman», size - 12, for headings - 14;

- Line spacing is a unit, fields: upper and lower - 2 cm, on the left - 3 cm, on the right - 1.5 cm.

- The headings should be centered, the epigraphs on the right, the text of the article is at the edges if necessary indents are displayed.

- Only the name, surname and name of the author are indicated; "K" means deviations from the main content, some examples, and notes; Quotations are written in quotation marks.

- References to the source used in the text are indicated in brackets with numbering, for example [1]. The list of sources used is made according to the sample.

- Russian language

Required Applications:

- A detailed description of the project, including:

• Initial data on the project area

• Goal

• History and current status of the project implementation

• Target audience and strategy of expansion of the project

• Activities of constituents

- Budget planning of grant expenditures: resources needed for the project (for example, recruitment, equipment).

- Implementation and/or business planning depends on the development objective chosen for the project


Please send the complete package of applications to the following contacts:

Manon Cassara - Project Coordinator Eco-Talk

[email protected]

+7 747 582 33 55

Lyubov Shakirzhanova - coordinator of UNESCO Chair - Kazakh-German University

[email protected]

+7 707 215 01 04